The Tale Of The Fairy Knots..

Let's have a sit down about Fairy Knots.. No these aren’t cute little fairies that come around and twist your hair at night for you and have you looking luscious in the morning… These little gremlins come and knot your hair to where it take a while to get it unknotted (yes I said that) or you just get frustrated and just take scissors and cut the hair where it is knotted.. Well lets take a stroll on down Fairy Lane to find out why these buggers want to do such a disastrous thing..

Ok you may ask what are Fairy Knots.. These are single strand knots(ssk)  that happens when your hair decides it wants to act up and make a knot so small and you never see it coming. Its so small that most times they are impossible to get out… Now don’t pull at your hair that will cause a break and snap in the hair. Sure the knot will be out but you just broke your hair strand at the same time.

I can tell you if I ever see this so called Fairy that flies through my hairs coils and curls and decided to make it twist and turn around each other.. We will be having a talk..  A serious talk ( in my mother’s voice.. Not that you guys know what she sounds like but she can sound mean at times.. Dont tell her I said that.. LOL) This Fairy disrespects my hair each time she wants to fly around.. LOL

Well I know for me the real culprit is all of the Wash n Go’s that I do.. You see I have tight coils on the sides and part of the top, and when I do a wash n go after I apply my product I shake my head and let the curls fall wherever they may. Now while doing this it also helps these fairies to twist my coils and strands around each other..

Culprit #2 is not having properly sealed ends while doing the wash n go’s.. The ends to you may seem like they are sealed enough but to the Fairies that’s what they call their play ground.. So make sure you seal really well with a butter or an oil on top of your leave in conditioners.

So the best way to avoid the disrespectful behinds is to be sure you seal your ends completely and thoroughly. It may seem like it is too much but you will be able to gauge it  and you will thank me.. I am not saying this will get rid of them all together but this will cut down on them from being so many all of the time.

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